Practical Work and Final Project

Practical Work and Final Project are two activities carried out by students, the result of these two activities is a report on the implementation of the Job Training and Final Project which is presented in front of other students and tested (Final Project) in front of the Examiner Team (Lecturers).

Practical Job and Final Project Application

Practical Work and Final Projects Documents

SOP for Correspondence During a Pandemic at the Department of Computer Engineering UNDIP

Practical Work

Practical work is carried out by students to provide an overview of the real world of work. Practical work can be done in industry or research institutions related to the field of science in the Department of Computer Engineering.

The following is the SOP for Taking and Implementing Practical Work Courses 2022

Practical Work Requirements

  1. Earned credits > = 70 credits without an E grade. And a GPA of >= 2.00
  2. Carried out within a minimum of 1 month in a company / institution / institution (KP place).
  3. KP should be disseminated.

Practical Work Procedure

  1. Students are looking for a place / location for Practical Work as well as looking for a Practical Work Supervisor (for the application of a supervisor, you can contact the KP Coordinator).
  2. After obtaining the place / location of the Internship Work, students submit a Letter of Application for Practical Work ( and a proposal for submitting the implementation of the Internship to the Supervisor to be taken to the company (Proposals and Letters are made if needed by the company).
  3. If the student has been accepted for Practical Work, please keep proof of a letter / email statement of acceptance of the Internship Work by the company. The form that needs to be prepared is the Internship Application Form (KP A1). For Form KP A1, after being signed, it can be submitted to the Coordinator of Practical Work along with a letter / email statement of receipt of Practical Work by the relevant company.
  4. If the student carries out practical work in conjunction with the lecture schedule, the student must collect the Lecture Attendance List Form (KP-B5) to the Academic Section of the Department before the lecture takes place.
  5. During the Internship process, the form that must be brought is the Attendance and Field Value Form (KP A2) which contains the attendance schedule during the Internship and the Practical Work Value given by the field supervisor.
  6. After the Internship is completed, students immediately compile reports and internship papers and are consulted with the Internship Supervisor until they get a signature of approval from the Internship Supervisor.
  7. The requirements for the Internship Seminar are that they have received an endorsement of reports and papers from the Internship Supervisor and have attended the Internship Seminar 10 times (evidenced by the Internship attendance card).
  8. During the Internship seminar, the forms prepared during the seminar are the Seminar Attendance Form (KP B2) and the Seminar Value Form (KP B3).
  9. After completing the seminar, students complete the revision of the report if there is one, if there is none then the student can proceed to the KP score process.
  10. To get the value of Practical Work must complete the completeness which includes:
    • Complete Practical Work Report (attestation sheet, paper, cv, and other attachments)
    • Seminar attendance card (has been filled in at least 10 times to attend the seminar)
    • Attendance of the practical work seminar (KP B2)
    • Seminar scores and reports from supervisors (KP B3)
    • Attendance and value of Practical Work from supervisors in the field (KP A2)
    • Application form for Practical Work scores that have been typed or written in the name and nim of the student concerned.
  11. All completeness of Practical Work is made into one and submitted to the Practical Work Coordinator.

Practical Work Administration
Students who carry out practical work should pay attention to the following things:
1. The period of implementation of practical work should be carried out during college holidays.
2. Submit a statement letter of acceptance of the Practical Work containing the Name, NIM, and Date of Implementation of the Practical Work.

  • NOTE : Students who carry out Practical Work in conjunction with the course of the lecture must submit a statement letter of acceptance of practical work as many courses as the courses followed no later than the end of the first week of lectures take place. For students who are late in submitting a statement letter of acceptance from KP, they will be considered unable to study.

3. The affidavit must be submitted to the administrative department in the Department of Computer Engineering.
4. If there are students who carry out Practical Work during the lecture period, they must submit a statement letter of acceptance of The Internship work and Form KP-B5 before the lecture begins.

Practical Work Seminar Requirements

  1. The KP report is approved and endorsed by the field supervisor, the supervisor from the Computer Systems and the Head of the Department, submitted to the KP coordinator.
  2. If within a maximum period of 3 months from the end of the KP implementation, the student concerned does not make a report and carry out the KP seminar, then given an extension of another 2 months with additional assignments from the KP supervisor – Computer System (Form KP-B4) and sign an agreement, if up to 2 months is not completed, then the KP is canceled and the student must repeat the KP.
  3. If the report has been completed, students make a KP result paper with IEEE journal standards and has been approved by the supervisor.
  4. For the KP seminar, students are required to have attended other students’ Internship seminars at least 10 times, as evidenced by the green card, KP seminar attendance card.

Practical Work Seminar Procedure

  1. Fill out the Practical Work Seminar Form (KP-B1) and be approved by the Supervisor.
  2. Attach proof of participating in other students’ KP seminars at least 10 times (green card)
  3. Make an invitation letter for a Practical Work Seminar approved by the supervisor, The Coordinator of Practical Work and the Head of the Department
  4. Prepare Seminar Attendance List and Practical Work and Seminar Value Form (Form KP-B2)
  5. The seminar was attended by at least 10 Computer Engineering students.

Practical Work Report

  1. The latest Report Authoring format look in the new manual (following the format of writing the Final Project).
  2. The KP report was made as many as 4 copies with the following details;
    • 1 for KP premises.
    • 1 for the computer systems department library
    • 1 for the supervisor (according to the supervisor’s request)
    • 1 for the student’s archive in question.
  3. The report is endorsed by the Supervisor and Head of the Department.
  4. Submission of the KP Report to the KP coordinator accompanied by:
    • Value of Internship and Seminar Work (Form KP-B3) from the Supervisor.
    • Internship Attendance and Values from field supervisors (Form KP-A2)
    • KP report CD, labeled nim, KP name and title, which contains :
      • In the folder ‘laporan_kp’ contains the full report file in word format.
      • In ‘root dir’ (not in folder) contains KP seminar paper files, word and pdf formats, with filenames like example; NIM_MKP.doc and NIM_MKP.pdf
      • In ‘root dir” contains a CV file in word format, for example: NIM_CV.doc
      • In the folder ‘root dir’ contains a photo file of yourself in JPG format : example NIM.jpg

The results of practical work that produce a form of hardware or software will belong to the Department / Undip Computer Systems Study Program and the department has the right to use or publish the results of the KP, especially those in the nature of research (for example in a computer system laboratory).

Final Project

Requirements for Submitting a Final Project Proposal:
1. Photocopy of SPP
2. Photocopy of KTM
3. Photocopy of KRS Current Semester (Final Project Listed)
4. Approval of Guardian Lecturers
5. Certificate of Having Carried Out KP and KP Seminar

Submission of Final Project Seminar:

  1. Submit a seminar approval form that has been signed by 2 supervisors
  2. Submit a Final Project consultation card that has been signed by 2 supervisors
  3. Submit a copy of the ratification of the Final Project Report with the signatures of 2 supervisors
  4. Submit a verification form for grades and courses from the Academic Section of the Study Program
  5. Submit a signed Final Project Seminar attendance list of at least 10 attendance
  6. Submit a copy of the TOEFL certificate

Submission of Final Project Exam:

  1. Photocopy of SPP
  2. KTM
  3. KRS Current Semester (Final Project Listed)
  4. Approval of Guardian Lecturers (Acquisition of Credits and GPA)
  5. Certificate of Having Carried Out KP and KP Seminar
  6. The final project manuscript must have been received by each examiner a maximum of D – 3 exams
  7. TA Report Has Been Approved / Signed by TA Supervisor

Implementation of the Final Project Exam:
In the implementation of the Final Project Exam, students independently prepare:
1. Minutes of ta session
2. Each Examiner’s Grade Sheet
3. Publication Approval Sheet
4. 1 (one) Stopmap

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